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Frequently asked questions…

How does payment work?

Payment will automatically be processed on signup and recurs bi-monthly.

Are there any extra charges?

No, there are no extra charges other than the set recurring amount.

When will I receive my first delivery?

The subscription boxes will be delivered shortly after the bimonthly subscription payment is received. Delivery takes at least 3-5 working days.

How do I cancel my subscription?

PLEASE NOTE. Cancelling your Club Warwick subscription will immediately end your Club benefits, including your 20% discount from the Warwick online store.

1. Login with your username and password
2. Go to the My Account section.
3. Go to Subscriptions and click cancel.

Can I put my subscription on hold?

This function is unfortunately not available at the moment.

How do I change my contact details?

Login with your username and password to make any changes.

How do I change my credit card details?

Warwick does not store any credit card details. Our Payment Gateway, Payfast securely stores all information.
When making a purchase or subscribing to Club Warwick through our online store, you get directed to the secure Payfast servers. And in the process of completing the purchase an account is created automatically with Payfast using your email address.
In order to change your credit card details you will need to either contact Payfast directly to assist you, or follow these steps:
2. Click Login
3. Enter the email address and password you used to make your purchase on  Club Warwick
4. If they do not work, use the “Forgot Password?” function to reset the password. PLEASE NOTE: This is only for your Payfast account, these changes will not affect your Club Warwick account.
5. Once logged in go to “Subscriptions” or “Ad-Hoc Agreements”
6. Under the appropriate tab, find the subscription that you want to edit the card on
7. Under “Actions” click on the “card” icon to edit the card
8. Select the card you would like to change the subscription to, or if you want to add a new card click on the “New Card” option. If you add a new card you will then need to repeat steps 5-7.
*NB Please note that when you change the card linked to the subscription you will be redirected to the 3D secure page to verify your card with an amount of R 0.

Change subscription from Manual EFT to Automatic Debits?

If you are a Club Warwick subscriber and you currently setup to manually renew your subscription (ie: You receive an email notification reminding you to make an EFT payment, instead of your credit card getting automatically debited.) but you would like your credit card to be automatically debited instead, please follow these steps.

Club Warwick does not store any credit card information, this is handled by our payment partner Payfast. You will need to update your information and give permission to be debited.

1. When your subscription is up for renewal you will receive our payment notification email.
2. Please log into your Club Warwick account and navigate to the “Subscription Info” section.
3. Under the “Actions” section, click cancel.
4. Once the page reloads, please click “Reactivate”.
5. Once the page reloads, please click on “Renew Now”.
6. You will then be taken to the Club Warwick checkout page, where you can input your credit card details via Payfast. You should be immediately debited, and your subscription renewed.
7. From this point on you will be automatically debited every 2 months until cancelled.

I have more questions.

Phone us on +27 (0)21 884 4410 or send an email to